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Zach is the General Manager and leads the overall strategic vision of the team including its position in both the Baltimore metropolitan market and the broader real estate industry. He is immensely passionate about creating an environment that attracts and develops talented leaders and provides them with the guidance, tools, and autonomy to realize their visions of what a company can achieve when it puts people--including its clients, employees, and partners--before profits. Bearing ultimate responsibility for both the successes and failures of the team in its endeavors, he is focused daily on fostering a culture of leadership, grace, and competence, and disrupting the internal status quo to drive our business towards the ever-advancing horizon of its best possible future.

Zach began working with Mark Simone in 2013 and quickly established himself as Mark's "operations guru", utilizing his broad experience, knowledge, and drive to overhaul the business and see it achieve new milestones in both volume and client satisfaction year after year. Zach and Mark founded the team together in 2016 at Keller Williams Legacy with a united purpose to build a company that followed proven paths to long-term success. Since its founding, Zach has been an integral engine of the team's growth and development into a sophisticated business that raises the bar of real estate sales teams. Zach has been recognized both locally and nationally as an expert and thought leader in real estate business models, financial strategies, consultative client relationships, and systems development. Zach firmly believes that teaching and open-sharing of the team's losses and its victories can help to propel the industry forward and revolutionize people's relationship with real estate.

Raised in the area, Zach has lived in the city for the past decade and loves Baltimore from its quirky heart to its old soul. He's an avid explorer of the city's food and dining scene and is the team's go-to resource for restaurant recommendations. In his spare time, Zach enjoys traveling and can frequently be found on a poker table either locally or around the country.


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